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Transform the construction industry
areaResearch & Development
titleVice President
responsibilityengineering, product, design
managerTracy Young, CEO & Founder


Abundant access for all
areaProducts and Infrastructure
titleSenior Engineering Director
responsibilitystrategy, engineering, product, design
org peak300
managerCraig Barratt, CEO Access
Routers by Google, 2015-6

Revolutionize Access Points
For the past few years I've been creating the strategy, product, engineering, and retail expansion of OnHub and Google WiFi. This was a start up within Google that I grew from zero to a 150 cross discipline team. The product itself has won many design awards and was received with high praise from the tech press. My team designed the hardware, mobile apps, cloud systems, and algorithms from scratch and motivated the industry to respond to our simplicity, quality, and capability.[more]
Wall Street Journal: The Wi-Fi Router Gets a Brain
David Pogue: Router Steve Jobs Might Have Built

Democratizing Rich Content
Accelerator is a widely deployed, strategic YouTube service that lets users in areas with poor networks watch popular videos with less buffering and blazing load time. Locations with Accelerator store over 100,000 of the most viewed YouTube videos on their local Wi-Fi network, so they start quickly and play with less buffering. We designed the hardware and satellite service to reach areas with poor backhaul networks. I envisioned, built the hardware and cloud systems, and grew the business to a scale where it's now being deployed throughout emerging markets.[more]
Related: WiFi infrastructure for 10M in India


Ads, big data, customer love
titleSenior Engineering Director
responsibilitystrategy, engineering, product, design
org peak500
managerSusan Wojcicki, CEO YouTube

Fast Big Data
We built systems like Dremel and visualization systems to handle the avalanche of big data and turned it into actionable and cached information. Initially, we were challenged with heterogeneous storage systems and formats, verticalized and enmeshed data and code, and many querying and visualization frameworks. We unified analytical processing by integrating ad hoc query, pipelines, and self-service dashboards, backed by Google massively scaled data storage.[more][more][more]

We invested in and scaled the superheroic JavaScript framework that's taking over web development and used by many Fortune 1000 companies. HTML is great for declaring static documents, but it falters when we try to use it for declaring dynamic views in web-applications. AngularJS lets you extend HTML vocabulary for your application.[more]

Selling and Insight Platforms
We built a platform for Google’s primary business: selling advertising. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is critical in keeping track of millions of advertisers that account for most of Google’s revenue. There are opportunities to make sales and marketing teams far more effective and efficient. The platform was broadly adopted and the system of record for the entire company.

Danish Technology Magazine Interview, 2011

Google Feedback
We created the innovative system behind every single Google product that collects and clusters billions of automated stack traces and error reports. Using AI, clustering algorithms, and large compute resources we process and aggregate the data into exemplar issues that allow Google product groups to respond to emerging problems VERY quickly, with data, and confidence.[more]


Systems that fuel Google
areaSystems Infrastructure
titleSenior Engineering Director
responsibilitystrategy, engineering, company transformation
org peak1000
managerBill Coughran, Partner Sequoia

Cloud Engineering Systems & Tools
My strategy was to radically change how Google built software, and in the process we helped the entire industry delivery massive cloud based systems by building the fastest and most scalable automated development environment in the world: 150M builds/day, 20 check-ins/min, 170M LOC, 1 source tree. In 2006 our tools were considered the highest priority issue facing engineering and by 2012 these tools were voted "the MOST valuable resources to engineering." We moved company from 30 days release cycles to hourly. I also lead the strategy behind the company wide technical and cultural effort to radically improve product velocity and quality.[more][more][more]
Book: How Google Tests Software, by Whittaker

We created and open sourced a HUGE suite of tools used to improve web development. Many of the largest companies in the world use our tools, and became the core technology in browsers, APIs and frameworks. The short list:Angular,Selenium,Webdriver,Paco,Axsjax

Selling $1B idea to SFO audience 2010

Our manifesto influenced Google products and many fortune 100 companies to improve their approach to products. A philosophy, movement, and practical guide for improving project success and reducing slow painful failures.[more]
Book: Pretotyping, by Savioa

Accessibility + i18n
We built automated systems that globalized and internationalized all of Google's products to 160 markets. Nearly instant localization of 1M strings per month. Built a number of tools that used professional and crowdsourcing to scale. We addedtext-to-speech to Android that became a huge feature and is now used for many interactions and 'borrowed' by competitors. [more][more][more]


Software used by everyone
areaSearch, Data, Business, OS
titleEngineer -> Sr Engineering Director
responsibilityengineering and other functions
org peak500

In Redmond with Bill Gates and the team, circa 2004

We started Microsoft's homegrown search with a handful of pioneering folks. Introduced "information boxes" and infinite scroll that are now common.
2004-2006Search Engine
managerKen Moss, CTO EA

We started Microsoft's enterprise software business and expanded it globally.
2002-2004CRM, ERP, Business Systems
managersHal Howard, CEO Komiko
Satya Nadella, CEO Microsoft

We built initial versions of XML and web services and integrated them into Windows.
1999-2002Databases and Webservices
managerAdam Bosworth, VP AWS

We built Microsoft's first mobile RT operating system and first embedded hardware products: Set-Top Boxes, PocketPC, Tablets, Phones.
1995-1999Operating Systems
managersBryan Trussel, CEO Glympse
Frank Fite, CTO Sesame
Craig Mundie, PCAST

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A selected list of awards, speaking, and writing I've done over the past few years. For a longer list please see:[more].

Accolades and Awards
2016Red Dot: Product of the Year 2016
2016Prestigious IDSA Gold Award
2016International iF Award
2016Good Design, Australia 2016
2016Spark 2016: Gold
2015The Design 100: Gold - Best Connected Device
2015International Design Awards (IDA) 2015: Gold
2013IEEE Company of the Year 2013: Crisis System
2010National Assn of the Deaf: Award of the Year

Speaking and Writing
2013Wavelength: Crisis and Elections
2013Wavelength: Pretotyping
2011Computer Magazine Cover Story
2010QCon San Francisco Keynote

Crisis and Alert Systems
We envisioned and created a world wide alerting system that literally saved people's lives by integrating massive crowd-based and government emergency data with Android and Google.com. This product and strategy made Google's Crisis Response information accessible around natural disasters and humanitarian crises, and won IEEE Company of the Year award in 2013. Great story:How we saved lives!

Flu Trends
We created an algorithm that estimated how much flu is circulating in different countries and regions around the world. We found that there's a close relationship between how many people search for flu-related topics on Google.com and the CDC data on hospital visits for flu symptoms. I also evangelized it throughout the word with papers and speaking at scientific conferences like London's ISNTD.

Elections and Politics
Our society is becoming increasingly apathetic about politics and the people representing our interests. I created a data platform and interface on Google.com that communicated real time voting records and election results to help citizens become more aware of their government. We made this data that is traditionally hard to find, easier to discover on Google.com and partnered with many countries around the world to make it available to billions (e.g. USA, Germany, Kenya, and many others). During elections this is the highest traffic service at Google.[more]

There's no place like

I started loving software on a field trip to the Stanford Computer Lab in 3rd grade. I played with a chemistry simulator for hours and the teacher had to drag me away.

My grandfather gave me a copy of Basic for my birthday and I taught myself by playing with sample code. A few years later I learned C, and I wrote my first "real" programs. My mom was an artist in the Bay Area and was always encouraging me to find ways to blend creativity, art, and programming together. One of these ideas was a text-to-speech random sentence generator. I'd made two versions, one clean and one had (6th grade level) dirty words. Doing a demo in front of the computer lab (nerd alert) I ran the wrong one, and had my first major software presentation failure at show-and-tell.

I was leaning toward medicine in college but always programmed for fun and even sold a few games for date and beer money. About half way through undergrad at the University of Arizona, I took a computer science elective that made me excited about software again - maybe even as a "career". I jumped into writing compilers and operating systems. A difficult discussion with my dad (who was a heart surgeon) followed where I told him that I wasn't interested in being a doctor. He supported me, but was concerned, "how are you going to make a living in software?"

In grad school at the University of Southern California I studied artificial intelligence, machine learning, and emerging "web software". My first real job (other than delivering pizza in high school) was at a little place called Microsoft in Redmond where they were paying me to do exactly what I wanted to do. I stayed there for over 11 years and became a Senior Engineering Director. When the paradigm shifts toward the web and cloud was underway, I moved to Google and have been there since 2006.

1995U of Southern California: MS, Computer Science
1993U of Arizona: BS, Computer Science

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I enjoy working on things that customers love, value, and use everyday. My passion is developing great ideas with smart people, and delivering thought-leading, massive scale products that improve people's lives. I've lead small innovation incubation, large scale systems projects, and company wide initiatives. I've worked on hardware, operating systems, infrastructure, data systems, algorithms, tools, and consumer facing products. I've managed multidiscipline teams ranging in size from tiny to huge and across distributed locations. I've been very lucky to have worked with some of the best folks in the industry.

Drawing: "A watched pot", 2016

Lately I'm interested in digital drawings (using: iPad Pro, stylus, ProCreate). I've done acrylic painting for many years, but on a tight schedule, it's harder to get all set up.[more]

Moon, 11/12/2013, 7:21pm in Arizona

Amature star-gazer and aspiring astrophotographer, experimenting with a Celestron EdgeHD 14" Aplanatic Schmidt-Cassegrain, 3910mm, with f/11.[more]

Pat Copeland